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Academic excellence holds immense importance and is a priority at Shining Star Global School.

At SSGS we believe that, education is truly meaningful when the students are autonomous learners with abilities to understand and acquire knowledge independently. The learner is the focal point of the entire educational program, and students are active learners who reach out and permanently internalize knowledge through their spirit of inquiry and creativity.The curriculum, which is delivered through an innovative combination of classroom and activity-led learning, is a structured means to develop a whole range of skills, aptitudes and abilities.The skills thus acquired help students to process information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom that can be applied to life.

Differentiation @ SSGS

Shining Star Global

SSGS teachers tailor their instruction and adjust the curriculum to student’s needs rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum. The first and most important step in differentiated instruction is determining the student’s level of knowledge. In accordance innovative methods are used to retain their interest with an aim to take them to a higher level.The goal of differentiated instruction is to develop challenging and engaging tasks for each learner (from low-end learner to high-end learner). Instructional activities are flexible and based and evaluated on content, process and product. The content of lessons may be differentiated based on the student’s receptivity levels. Teachers with expertise, handle the content by designing activities for different students.

Why Shining Star Global School For Your Child

  • Education At Par With Urban Schools
    • Equal Opportunity Learning
    • Computer Lab – Computers For Hands On Learning
    • Swimming Pool – 15×25 Feet Wide – Only School With Facility In Vicinity
    • Library – For Kids Camp/ Recommend Books.
    • Indoor Games – Carom/ Chess/ Cross Word Puzzles/ Craft Making
    • Houses – Surya/ Agni/ Vayu/ Aakash
    • Outdoor Sports – Badminton/ Soccer/ Cricket Training Nets
    • Emphasis On Spoken English – Morning Prayer/ Debates/ In class Teaching
    • Train The Trainer Concept – Guest Lectures For Teachers On Saturdays
    • At Home Teaching – Parents Emphases On In-house Learning And Home Work Completion
  • Orientation & Training – Sainik School & Navodaya Schools (Students Of 5th Class)
    • Give Wings To Grow. As School Is Growing, Class 5th Willing Students Being Facilitated For Boarding Schools Entrance Exams.
    • Guidance To Students & Parents On The Career Path & Future Opportunities.
  • Teachers & Teaching Methodology
    • Frame Work With Students Growth Mindset
    • Emphasis On Spoken English & Pronunciations
    • Align & Tweak Methods Suitable To Students Learning
  • Parents, Teachers & Students Collaborative Approach
    • Ptm – Three Combined Ptms In The Year For Enhance Participation Of Parents
    • Regular Parents Interaction Program So As To Assess And Apprise Parents (Ptm)
    • Respond To Students & Parents With Positive Tone, Clarity & Enthusiasm
  • Classroom Culture
    • Learning By Doing. Outdoor Classes, Visits To Places Of Importance
    • Joy In Learning – Ensure Students Feels To Come To School And Learn & Have Fun.
    • Individual Child Development Program By Knowing The Kids Personally
    • Understanding How Kids Learn And Not How Teachers Teach.
    • Games & Sports As Rich Part Of Kids Upbringing & So Is Our Focus.
    • Discipline Is The Core Formation Of Habits, Done In Calm, Firm, Convincing Tone
    • Create Opportunities For Smile, Laughter, Joy & Being Expressive.