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Teaching Methodology

  • At SSGS, we follow CBSE based curriculum and also in an inquiry based integrated approach forms the core concept of curriculum transaction. The learning process is relevant and purposeful as the students are encouraged to explore, gather, process, refine and present information.
  • The curriculum integrates content areas like Science, Social Studies, and Technology with process areas like Language, Art, Mathematics, Drama, and Music.
  • Inquiry approaches allows the learners to take control of their learning. Prior knowledge is built upon to make and test predictions, to gather and organise information and to synthesise findings.
  • These conditions encourage the development of abilities like exploration, reflection, risk-taking and making an informed choice. This shall build the basic character of a student for a successful tomorrow.


Tilak Raj Sharma – MSc(physics) B.Ed. Served As PGT For 14 Years In Delhi, Rajasthan & HP. Has Been City Coordinator Educator At Behrol, Rajasthan. Has Great Passion And Is Subject Matter Expert In The Subject.


Mrs. Pushaplata – BSc B.Ed. (TET) JBT, Her knowledge & skills provides effective contribution towards school to reach the institution at sky limits. She is good motivator, highly organised & innovative.